RBC Run For The Kids

RBC Run For The Kids

I'm adding another run and a GREAT cause to my list for this fall. The RBC Run For The Kids!


My mom, my sister and I are running as part of RBC's Investment Baking group. We're called the Alberta Team Banking AKA Team Awesome! 

This will be my mom's FIRST 5k! But more importantly, this race goes to a great cause. 

If you are a Beamish, you know that our family loves the Alberta Children's Hospital and everything it has done for sweet Hannah, not to mention the AMAZING things it does for children all across our province. It is just an amazing hospital in general and should always receive our praise and support for everything they do for children.

What's different about the 2017 RBC Run For The Kids is the funds raised are going to the Calgary Children's Hospital Mental Health department and this really hits home for me and probably does for a lot of you reading this as well. We all know someone who struggles with mental health. Be it depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress or any combination of the many varieties of mental health. We all know people as adults who go through this, could you imagine what it would be like for a child?

Part of this department is the Eating Disorder Treatment Clinic. They offer treatment for youth diagnosed with eating disorder such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and other specified feeding or eating disorders. They provide inpatient and outpatient services and include a huge team of counsellors, dietitians, doctors, psychiatrists, registered nurses. They also have a department for children who have such severe eating disorders they need to be constantly monitored and hooked up to IV's just to keep them alive because they have gone so deep into this disorder and cannot be easily pulled out. This kills me and absolutely breaks my heart. I CANNOT imagine being young and going through what I went through. I just want to hug them and tell them I understand, everything is going to be okay and, although it doesn't feel like it, people care and want to help. I want to help. I know how it feels and how awfully suffocating it can be but they CAN get out of it, they just need the right support.

I could not imagine being young in this generation with the influence of social media and peer pressure. There's constantly adds that make young girls idolize the skinny women and want to be more like them. I makes me so angry but that's a rant for another time. I want to help but I don't know how, so this is at least a start. 

It isn't too late to sing up if you're interested in participating.

It could be your first 5k as well!

Did I mention there's also a pancake breakfast afterwards?!

We are looking for friends, families, companies and people like you to join us in making the RBC Race for Kids™ the largest, family-friendly walk and run in support of child and youth mental health in Calgary!

Because 70% of mental health issues begin in childhood or adolescence, the run will focus on supporting specialized programs for kids and teens in our community. This year’s run will help improve Mental Health Literacy in schools. With earlier intervention, it’s hoped that young people can get the help and support they need well before their concerns turn into crises.
— RBC Race For Kids

If you don't want to run, please consider donating to this amazing cause. 

Click HERE to donate to my page.

You can even go HERE and donate AND come watch! - Includes admission to Heritage park and the pancake breakfast. 

I love running as you all know, and I also love helping people. This is the best of both worlds and I am extremely passionate about helping with mental health for our younger generations. These kids are SO important. 

Please support however you can!

I'm running a running clinic??

I'm running a running clinic??