I'm running a running clinic??

I'm running a running clinic??

Yeah that's a thing.


Mayfair (my company) sent out an email a while ago saying they were thinking of running a running clinic in preparation for the Run for the Cure in October (we're HUGE supporters because we're in diagnostic imaging and have a big role in the breast screening process). So here I am thinking, "hey, I like to run! I know things about running!" So I email them and say I wont actually be participating in Run for the Cure this year (I'm running the Fernie Half Marathon that weekend) but I'd love to HELP put it on. A week later I get an email saying I'm RUNNING THE DAMN THING.

*Cue minor panic attack here*

After I calmed down and met with the woman in charge of education/learning department (Mayfair Academy), I was digging it. Who knew I could talk about running FOREVER? 

You did. You all knew this. 

Fun fact: I don't get nervous talking in front of groups anymore. I used to REALLY BAD, but then in high school I totally stopped and in College I actually really enjoyed it. Weird, I know. Even more so if it's a topic I like and actually know a lot about.

The lady in Mayfair Academy that I was talking to was so jazzed on it and even said "who knows, maybe this can be an ongoing thing," "maybe we'll have to sponsor a race," "maybe this can set you up for a side career." I thought I was dreaming. 

The timing of this is hilarious because:

  1. I just started my new job and I'm right across the hall from the department that's putting all of this on for me - rather than across the city
  2. I've 100% decided to get my running coach certification in the fall - WHO WANTS TO TRAIN WITH ME?!?!
  3. That's it. There's only 2 reasons, I just didn't want to have ONLY 2 points.

When I'm done working on it I'll post it on here and you all can see it as well. And use it. And fall in love with running. And run with me.

I'm giving everyone who signs up my contact info so I can help motivate them and I want to do the same for you if you feel like following my example couch-to-5k plan or using some of my tips. It might include meme's about how hard running is, emergency washroom breaks or how amazing bread is... just a fair warning. 

Since Tuesday about 20 people have signed up.... to hear me talk about running... 😳 

I honestly can't tell you how excited I am for this. I really want people to see that anyone can run and it is actually a lot of fun. Running has obviously done so much for me and I feel like I need to do this to give back to it. 


The fall is the best time because the weather is amazing, it's beautiful outside and the beers afterwards taste incredible. My marathon is 36 days away (October 8th) and after that I'm FREEEEE! I can run whatever I want, whenever I want and with whoever I want. Leading up to then I could really use some short/slow runs so I don't burn myself out.

I PROMISE if you run with me I wont make you go fast or far. 

Just try it!

What would you do if you weren't afraid??

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