58 Days

58 Days

YO! Marathon Prep! AGAIN! 

(I hope you read this in my voice, cause you damn well KNOW I would say these things out loud)


58 days until the Okanagan Marathon.

At this point before the Calgary Marathon I started writing the number of days on my hand but I'm not doing that this time around. I'm actually more nervous for this one so I'm going for more of a relaxed approach - does that make sense? Nah probably not. I really have no idea how I'll do in this one and I've never been to Kelowna before so the whole experience is completely different than Calgary.

For Calgary I just wanted to finish it. It was my first marathon so I had no expectations other than finishing the damn thing in one piece, not crying, not passing out, not pooping my pants, seeing my family and Alex at km 32... K I had a few expectations. But from now on my marathons have more of a challenge and goal in mind. I'll sub-4 hour the Okanagan Marathon but I have no idea by how much. So that'll be cool to see and then it will really sets me up to gradually decrease my time and get my BQ, which could very well be next year!! - but I'll go into that in a different blog.


I've been training a lot but of course, me being me, I feel like it isn't enough. 

I've broken my 5k and 10k records recently, I PR'd my half marathon time at the beginning of July and that was all BEFORE this round of marathon prep really started. 

This round of marathon training is a little different because I was already very conditioned and my endurance was very high - so I kinda got to skip the beginning phases of training and just keep everything running (ha!) smoothly. I ran no less than a half-marathon on weekends for my long run but they were typically closer to the 25 - 30 km mark and I was running about 50/60 km a week and now I'm up to 80 km a week. Plus of course some speed work and easier runs during the weeks. I really started this round on August 1, or I mentally started it I guess, and physically I've just been building on my base. 

Since the Calgary Marathon on May 28th I've done something a little like this...


19 Runs

192.4 km total

5:23/km average pace


29 Runs - that escalated quickly

299.4 km total - this hurts me guys, can we just say 300 km? K thanks

5:10/km average pace - again, that escalated quickly!!

I've added in a lot of interval and spring training and I am VERY comfortable at the 5:00/km pace for short distances as you can see by the huge difference in my average pace. Even my long run paces are HUGELY faster than they were last prep. 

I've been strength training more and now I'm seeing the lovely Amanda at The Athlete Factory every Tuesday + strength training once on my own each week. I've also been (rarely) cross training and riding a bike. I'll definitely do this on days where my Achilles is giving me a hard time..... Yes, this means those assholes are still giving me a hard time. More so the right than my left, but I'm still working on making these stronger and trying to nurse them as well as I can while still being stubborn as hell.

I might see a physio, I'm not sure yet.

For now I'll just keep doing what I'm doing, adding more KMs to my long runs, doing tempo runs, intervals, sprints, strength training and all that jazz, try to remember to rest sometimes as well.

So just a heads up people, since I'm less than 2 months away I'm going to start getting pretty strict. My life will probably be: eat, work, run, sleep and repeat. These are my priorities because I want them to be. I'll make sure my diet is in check, get a lot of sleep and I probably wont drink. What I'm basically saying is I wont have much of a life for the next 2 months. I hope you all understand. 



I will have a couple of months off and I'm looking forward to it!

I wont be starting my NEXT marathon prep until January/February/March (depending how much I run in the winter to be honest) - if my endurance stays fairly high than I can push back prep more than if I stop completely, which I really can't see myself doing. 

But I will take some time off and will drink wine and socialize and have adventures. It'll be great. 

Until then, I love you all. Thanks for your support and understanding and most importantly...

are you good at giving calf/feet/glute/hamstring/full body massages?? 

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