Stampede Road Race - Half Marathon

Stampede Road Race - Half Marathon

My 10th half-marathon! 7th this year - race ones I mean, where they give me a shirt, a medal and a banana. That's really all us runners want anyways. 

1:51:03 and hot as all HELL

I seriously molested some sponges, they saved me. Unlike High River I was NOT going for a PR, so I definitely stopped and had water, plus did my frozen water bottle in my sports bra trick, which is life changing. 

 No I wasn't pretending to be asleep, the flash was just REALLY bright  

No I wasn't pretending to be asleep, the flash was just REALLY bright  

Pre-race routine was pretty typical except my location was a little different! I was house sitting for Lauren and hanging out with my 2 new best dog friends. I sooooo needed this after the week I've had and some current mental struggles. Dog cuddles make things better. I also FaceTime'd Mr. Alexander Ward (yeah you get full-named) for like 2.5 hours?? Which was cool cause I was really tired after and NEEDED a good sleep through the heat and after not sleeping great the night before.


I 100% walked to a sushi restaurant by myself to order 2 servings of rice last night. 

Bread, banana and coffee before I ran.

I was so close to the start line so I could sleep in a little bit! Like, 5:00!! WOOOOO Race started at 7:20AM.

Did I mention it was hot as hell?? 


OHHH AND! I almost couldn't run this race! They lost my registration even though I had the confirmation email and everything! Kailey and I went to get our packages and he didn't have me in the system at all! Luckily he was VERY VERY nice and put me in. I didn't get my name on my bib but I just wrote it on instead. I would have been so choked not to run it.

I train along the reservoir a lot so the hills didn't bug me much at all, I was hanging out with the 1:50 pace bunny for a long time and we were all making jokes. It was fun. Are they still called bunnies if they aren't wearing ears?? Pace setter? Pace Leader? Nah, I like bunny.

It was a good race. I shaved 1 min 10 seconds off from last year hahaha. BUT, last year it was kinda cold and I even wore a long sleeve shirt - very different from this year.

I definitely wasn't mentally in it. I was pretty numb the whole race and I really don't remember it, even though it just happened this morning. My head is in a weird place right now. 

7 half-marathons since February, 1 - 15km, 1 - 30km, 1 marathon and MANY MANY more training kilometres. My next race isn't until October (maybe September if I add one??). Maybe I'll take a break. I would really like to have a social life and I think my mental health would like that. I'm feeling really lonely - not necessarily romantically, but in general. I could probably use a hug right about now too.

I'm going to try to relax for a bit and that's harder for me than any half marathon. 

I also blew a hole in my runners. So I guess I'm retiring another pair this year?


Congrats Kiwi on your 10km!

And thank you Lauren for letting me get in on some doggy cuddles ❤️



High River Canada Day Half Marathon

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