High River Canada Day Half Marathon

High River Canada Day Half Marathon


This was an excellent run and the course is beautiful. I've always liked High River but I can honestly say I haven't spent a whole lot of time there, so it was nice to get to really see around town. I mean, the town isn't huge so we had to see a lot of it to cover the 21.1 km. 

It was an absolutely beautiful day out! A little chilly to start (11 degrees ish?) So I was dancing a bit at the start to warm up and did NOT try my new ice/water pack in my sports bra trick, so I left it on the bleachers in George Lane Park. I toed the line, the gun went off and I felt awesome! REALLY. 

My splits were awesome. Between 5:09 - 5:11/km for the first 9 km, between 5:05 - 5:10/km for the next 7 km and at km 16 is where I decided to really pick up the pace and was between 4:41 - 4:53/km. So, pretty darn fast. BUT, I nearly pulled myself out of the race at km 18. No joke. I didn't have any water or nutrition on the run - for some reason having to even think about including this stresses me out, plus I usually do fine without - but with the heat, picking up my pace and not having any water I almost passed out. My vision was going blurry, I was losing feeling in my arms and legs, I could feel the blood rushing to my face and I just knew something was up. I was just about to walk or to tell the closest volunteer that I thought I was going to pass out but I talked myself off the ledge and slowed my pace down (about 10 seconds) and recovered. 


3 km later and this gal crossed the finish line at 1:46:26:82

So I got my PR!!

Then, as I was walking back to see my mom a guy came up, tapped me on the shoulder, told me congratulations and tried to give me a plaque for being the first female finisher. Ummm, no I wasnt?? I tried telling him this and said I was sure there was someone in front of me and it's hers, not mine. I wouldn't take it and was really confused, but I was SURE it wasn't mine. I wasn't going to take someone else's plaque that they earned. He said "well I guess we'll just mail it to you?" and I said I would come over and check later but I really didn't think I earned it. Mom came over to meet me (she was about 100m from the finish line around a corner cheering) and I told her what my conversation was with this guy, she wanted me to go find out but I didn't want to. I was just excited about my PR! We waited and watched Kailey finish her 10km, we went to sit while she got pancakes and sausages (I didn't have any) and eventually I decided I would go look at my timing and see if I actually did get first female. Mom asked the announcer guy, he knew nothing. I went to look at my chip timing and when I didn't see my name lower on the list I kept looking up and there it was. 4th over all and first female! Sorry, WHAT?! That's a first. I poked my head around the corner and talked to the two very nice ladies and said, "I think I got fastest female??" They laughed and said "You're Kelsey?! He brought back the plaque and said he tried giving it to you but you wouldn't take it! You're so humble!" 


Seriously. I didn't think I got it. 

I knew I passed quite a few women but I still thought there was one in front of me. 

So that's cool. I'm really happy and proud of this race :)

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