Five Peaks - Race Three

Five Peaks - Race Three


First trail race. I haven't even attempted trail running yet and signed up for this in my runners high from the marathon. I figured that since it would be my first one I would just do the Sport race (8.3 km) rather than the endure (14 km). I mean it just makes sense that I get into trail running. I love running and I love hiking!

I actually almost didn't run this race even though I was registered. I almost chickened out. The fear of the unknown and my fear of getting injured was really holding me back. If it wasn't for Lauren I may not have run it at all. I told her I was scared when I saw her at her jackpot and she told me "If I can do this, you can run your trail race." My momma also helped me realize there's no good reason for me NOT to. 

PLUS I've set a goal to run the Broken Goat race in Rossland one day, so I'm going to have to start somewhere.
So let's do it! 



6:00 am thoughts - how am I more nervous for 8.3 km than for 21.1!?!  And how the EFFF do I fuel for this?? This is such a short run for me but I know theres going to be elevation and it's going to be MUCH more technical. 


Soooooo...... Trail running is a bit harder and NOT as quick as road racing. BUT IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!!! I really really enjoyed it. I got some sexy socks too :) and watermelon :)

It was not 8.3 km! Garmin says otherwise, and so did other runners' Garmins. 


6:09/km pace. Like I said, definitely slower than a road race. 

Chip time: 57:38

Overall Place: 60

Gender Place: 29

Age/Gender Place: 8

I started with the second wave but really I had NO idea what my time would be or how fast I would be. Pavement = fast, trail = hmmmm??? The first 2 km ish was on pavement which was cool, then some gravel paths, then the single track came in and some definite elevation. I had to walk one part cause hell-to-the-no was I running up it. I still have to be able to run and walk after this, plus I was having a nice chat with another female runner :) Down was really good but I had to try not to go too fast because of all the roots and rocks.

It was a muggy and humid in the deep trees but other than that the weather was really good. It was early enough that the heat hadn't kicked in yet and it was still a little cloudy so it was pretty comfortable. 

It was such a beautiful run. I really loved it and I'm so happy I did it!

Thanks Five Peaks for putting on an awesome run!

Trail running is now getting added into my training plan and I will DEFINITELY sign up for more in the future. 

Garmin Testing

Garmin Testing