Interval training and nose breathing...


4.65 kms around the Ranchlands loop by my house. I tried nose breathing. It sounds easy but trust me, it isn't! I only decided to try this because I've been reading (I do a shit ton of research all.the.time) about how it's a really good indication of an "easy" pace and it is really beneficial! It sucked instantly and made me feel like I was really out of shape but after a while I actually really enjoyed it. I know breathing through your nose is really good for warming your body because that's what you do in Yoga, but I've never thought about it for running. Many elite runners will spend a couple KMs nose-breathing or will mix it into their long runs to help calm themselves down. Although it doesn't feel like it, you actually get the same amount of oxygen in your body as mouth breathing and it helps you take deeper diaphragm or "belly breaths" as it's sometimes referred to. It is like a muscle you have to work on to strengthen and get better at, and I'm going to try to incorporate it into my warmup as well as my longer runs, and it was actually a perfect warm-up for interval training. 


I did intervals for the first time and I lived to tell the tale, so that's a good sign.

After my warm-up, I headed to this stretch of path by my house that I was guessing was aroung 600/700 meters and would work perfectly for speed intervals. Sure enough, it was around 640m but I only needed 500 for what I wanted to do. 

400 m full out SPRINT + 100 m walking

I did this 6 times and it kicked my BUTT. I'm a much better endurance runner than speed these days but I know that if I'm going to BQ I need to be able to do both.  

My fastest speed was 3:49/km! That's so crazy! Of course I only kept it that way for about 30 seconds, but in general my sprints were all at or around 4:00/km. I have no idea how the elites can keep that pace for 42.2km. 

I'm really happy I tried intervals and I'm going to try to incorporate them into my running routine maybe once or twice a week, maybe one longer season and one shorter? We'll see. All in all, a good training day for sure. 


It's The Final Countdown...

It's The Final Countdown...

2017 until now

2017 until now