Friday Feels - July 20th

Friday Feels - July 20th

HEY! Happy Friday!

I feel really good and I'm really happy right now.

I have more confidence than I've had in a VERY long time. I'm gaining some serious self-worth. I feel strong (body, mind, life) and I'm starting to like and prefer a strong body over a skinny body. I'm even having moments where I actually feel sexy! I never feel sexy! What is happening?! Whatever it is, I'm diggin' it. 

Feeling sexy is something I have always struggled with, and the older I get the harder it is. I don't know if it's because I'm short, that I have baby cheeks or that most people think of me as a quiet, slightly shy, "good girl" - but I look wayyy younger than I am. You know this. I could pull off 16 easily. I get called "cute" all the time. I'm 26. I don't want to be "cute," and since I'm SINGLE and 26 I would really like to be "sexy" sometimes. It just isn't a word that typically describes me though, and I really never feel it, but I want to! So it's cool that I am right now.


I hate moving and packing. With a firey passion. 

My lease is up in Rachlands on July 31 but because I'm planning on going to the lake next week (and slaying all the fish) I'm going to move out before I go. Which means this weekend and early next week I have to move all my crap back to my parents. This is especially annoying because I'm house sitting for 95% of August and wont even be at the house. Then I might move out again! Things might change. Life might change. I'm so open to it too.


giphy-downsized (8).gif

This weekend I am volunteering for the Calgary 70.3 Ironman. I'm looking forward to it. Kiwi is doing it too - we're going race package pickup on Saturday. 

Maybe my dream man is triathlete??

No probably not. They're usually older. And do I really want some competition?? hmm

I also have to fit in a 30k afterwards but I might wait until after it cools down a little bit. 27 is just a little toasty roasty. Then I will have wine. Or Whiskey. Maybe with Lauren. Or in my parents bath tub.


K not actually, I'm going to be packing/moving. But also kinda resting. Anyone want to help me?? Although I guess with my massive change of plans/holidays I have more time to move now. 


And figure out how coding works and fiddle with this new template. 

I haven't had a rest day since last Tuesday. From running that is, I still strength trained. This is who I am as a person. 

On a different note. I am very proud of so many people in my life. Some of my friends are taking a leap of faith, stepping out of their comfort zones and putting their comfy jobs on the side of their own happiness and I am SO happy for them. For you. I think everyone needs a "hippy phase" to connect with themselves, find out what their values are, goals are and what kind of person they want to be. I had my hippie phase when I lived in Nelson and Rossland. Granted, I was there to be a housewife but I also lived the life of no job, doing what I wanted when I wanted and being able to snowboard whenever I wanted. I think this has very much made me into the person that I am. I just think it is SO DAMN IMPORTANT! Work shouldn't be our life, unless it's work that feeds our soul. Work shouldn't define who we are as people. I am a daughter, sister, dreamer, over-achiever, friend, runner, fisher, outdoors lover, believer in the universe, I am kind and big hearted, a hopeless romantic and sometimes a bit of a badass, I am not just a receptionist. I hate when you meet someone they ask you, "so what do you do?" And you know they mean for work, but who cares?! We are so much more than our jobs. I don't know about you but when I'm old and grey and telling my grandchildren stories, I won't be telling them work stories, and when I'm laying on my death bed I don't want to think back to work or be remembered for my customer service skills. We are not here to work, we each have a path and plan and that is what is important. 

Also, everyone should read The Alchemist.

Happy Friday! Or whatever day you're reading this/I finally finished it.

What I'm Proud Of:

  • MEGS - I'm so proud of you. I look up to you so much and you are such an amazing light and inspiration in my life. I'm going to miss you like crazy but I know that life is going to be so amazing for you and the universe has some big plans
  • I'm not angry about he-who-must-not-be-named anymore. I had a sassy passive aggressive moment and it made it better. Plus I'm remembering all the ways I am a better person where I am now. I'm also just too old, too tired and too busy for that shit. 
  • Stepping out of my comfort zone
  • My runners legs hahah

What I'm Grateful For:

  • Lauren, Megan, Iris - basically everyone I work with cause they are amazing
  • I'm grateful that I am ABLE to run
  • I'm grateful that I have had the opportunity to have a hippy phase and find myself
  • I'm grateful for all the experiences, challenges and successes I have had - they have made me into the person I am today
  • I'm grateful for all the amazing values, morals and skills my parents have taught me
  • I'm grateful for where we live
  • My runners legs hahahaha



 I am sorry

I am sorry

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