Life Is Too Damn Short

Life Is Too Damn Short

My heart is breaking for so many reasons right now.

Life is so short and can be taken away so quickly.

And shitty things happen to good people.

I'm going to preface this by mentionion that the main reason I didn't want to start this blog and don't really know if I want to keep going is because my problems aren't problems. My struggles aren't really struggles. This is also why I don't like talking about ED (eating disorder) and what I'm going through. In the grand scheme of life it really doesn't matter, there are MUCH bigger problems in the world and in anyone's life that reads this and I don't like making it seem like it is a big deal, cause it's not!! I don't care what you say, it's not, and I feel like I'm complaining, being selfish or being a baby anytime I talk about it and I hate people worrying about me or getting any attention because of it. 

I think we all do this. We forget how lucky and blessed we are. We focus too much on the negative and all the shitty things that are happening to us and we give more of our heart, mind, attention and time to these negative things rather than celebrating the good things.

I know it can be impossible to think of something good when the worst things have happened and I hurt so much for anyone who is in that place, but I truly believe it is so important to try to be grateful. 

We all got up this morning, from a bed, in a house. We had coffee and something to eat  (or at least have the option to). We got to pick out our clothes from a pile or a full closet and we all went out into this beautiful country we live in where, no matter what your political opinion, religion or beliefs, you are safe in. We are not at war. Canada is incredible. We all have at LEAST the basic necessities, let alone being able to look at this silly little blog on a phone/laptop/tablet. We really are very lucky, even when it doesn't feel like it and we ALL take it for granted. This can be such a heartbreaking and crushing feeling, but it should also make us feel so damn grateful for what we have. 

People are losing loved ones, some are suffering with health problems (mental and physical), others are losing their homes to disaster or are living in war and terror. In general, the universe is throwing shit at really good people and it sucks. No one deserves it and most of the time there's nothing any of us can do to stop it. We're all helpless to our own fate.

Life is too damn short and the universe really sucks sometimes.

... And that's just how it goes.

Why? I don't know. It just is. 

When shitty things happen it's hard to remember that everything happens for a reason and that we're all exactly where we need to be. Really hard. So if we can't do that, hopefully we can take a moment to just be grateful for the good things we have in life. Our friends, family and the support they give us, our mind, our spirit, our heart and soul, laughter, love, music, literature, art, education, technology, freedom of speech, the mountains, nature, food, the stars, random acts of kindness, our country, this beautiful planet or ANYTHING you are grateful for. Be grateful for bacon or the fucking pizza delivery guy if you need to be, just honor what you have in life in any way you can. Think about it, write it down, say it out loud, tell someone, just take every chance you get to appreciate it. Even force yourself if you need to. 

Life it too short.

PLEASE! Embrace the people who are important to you and tell them much they mean to you. If you love someone, TELL THEM! Whoever they are, love them unapologeticly. Hold them tight and never let them go. Find things that make you happy and DO THEM! Take risks, take chances, face your fears. Do what makes your soul smile. Spend your time with people who motivate you, support you and love you FOR WHO YOU ARE.

Fill yourself up with so much love and appreciation that you have no room for hate. 

If you do nothing else, please tell people how much you love and appreciate them.  

ALL of my happy vibes are going to anyone who needs them right now. Take what you need. If you are going through a hard time I am so so sorry. Know that I am here and will listen to you just as you have listened to me, and no I won't make you run. 

I love and appreciate everyone who is reading these words. I hope you can take something from this and pass it on.  

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